Benefits Of Outdoor

High Impact Advertising

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Brightly coloured, eye-catching banners/posters/stickers are positioned on each ImpactAd unit to gain maximum attention, and so achieve maximum impact, on your target audience.
Clients can plan a specific route/area where ImpactAd’s can be driven or parked. Clients have complete control where the message is delivered ensuring their message can reach their target audience and gain coverage in new geographical areas.
The banners/posters/stickers can be customised, designed and produced to client’s requirements and changed or reused according to the client’s preferences. ImpactAd units are available for hire all year round, any time, night or day.
The ad cannot be changed, flicked over, switched off, crumpled up or thrown away. It is boldly there and unavoidable. The individual has no choice but to take note and read these mobile signs. ImpactAd units stand alone carrying one client’s message only meaning that client immediately stands out from the crowd and does not have to compete with other advertisers.
ImpactAd units can be consistently displayed in the same area, at the same time over a selected time period. For example, TrukAd can be driven along a particularly busy motorway during rush hour every day so the same commuters will see it again and again.
To prevent boredom and incite public curiosity, clients can change their ad banners/posters/stickers as frequently as they wish. Each ImpactAd can also be integrated with other advertising media to create a full and comprehensive, cross-cutting campaign.
ImpactAd units are more cost effective in comparison to alternate advertising means such as newspapers, television and radio; they provides a high-impact for low cost. ImpactAd offer highly competitive prices and will work within the demands of your budget.
ImpactAd units use environmentally friendly features e.g Trukas uses a Euro III diesel engine truck which is kinder to the environment and more economic.
We, at ImpactAd, pride ourselves on using only the smartest looking trucks, trailers, trikes, segways and zorbs in the market. We supply the highest quality glossy ad banners/posters/stickers. We can provide clients with GPS tracking reports, in addition to photographs during and after each mobile billboard campaign as proof of performance.
The overall effect of ImpactAd’s services will serve to increase brand exposure and raise brand awareness for the client.